HighwayGuard™ approved to drive road safety in Alaska

The HighwayGuard™ MASH 16 TL-3 and TL-4 compliant steel barrier system has been approved by Alaskan authorities for use in standard, lower and minimum deflection configurations throughout the USA’s northernmost state.

Following state approval in Alaska, HighwayGuard™ can now be specified for temporary and permanent deployment on any road across the US’ largest state, which could potentially see the industry-leading barrier installed from the Canadian border right up to the Arctic Ocean.

Inclement weather conditions, remote landscapes and the scale of the state make road travel and road maintenance challenging in Alaska. Barrier systems need to be robust enough for deployment in these harsh conditions, with deflection performance aligned to the tricky driving conditions and heavier, pick-up truck and SUV vehicles commonly found in the snowy state.

HighwayGuard™’s MASH 16 TL-3 and TL-4 certification means penetration resistance from impacting vehicles of up to 10,000kg, limiting the risk of injury and fatality, and ultimately giving roadworkers and vehicle occupants reassurance when working and travelling across Alaska’s 14,000 miles (23,000 kilometres) of public road.

Alongside excellent impact resistance,  HighwayGuard™ also maximises the available work area because the system has a much smaller working width than other MASH 16 TL-3 and TL-4 certified barriers.

Approval for temporary and permanent installations across all three deflection performance standards in Alaska builds on HighwayGuard™’s growing list of approvals across North America and Australasia.