Why Choose HighwayGuardTM?

√  MASH 16 TL-3 and TL-4 compliant
√  Tested connection to BG800 portable steel barrier
√  Standard (SDS), Lower (LDS) or Minimum (MDS) Deflection Systems available


Quick Installation

Patented T-connector and symmetrical barrier for rapid connection and disconnection


MASH 16 TL-3 and TL-4 

Simplified Design

Integrated anchoring and limited componentry

Narrow Profile

A section width as small as
0.25m (9 13⁄16”) up to a maximum
width across the trafficable foot of
0.54m (21 1⁄4”)

Low Deflection

Minimum (MDS) or Lower (LDS)
Deflection Systems
for restricted work
space environments


Lower Transport Costs

Up to 252m (826.7ft) transported per truck 

Long Lifespan

 20+ years useable lifespan

Locally Manufactured Options

Reducing delivery lead
times and supporting
local industry

Designed and dEveloped for the industry, by industry experts
HighwayGuardTM MDS is the lowest deflecting temporary barrier in the world – the construction space saving is huge versus any other MASH TL-3 tested system with the working width alone being less than the footprint of other barriers. When every inch counts in a construction zone then HighwayGuardTM MDS will meet the need.