All you need with HighwayGuard is one section of barrier and one T-connector. The simplest workzone barrier system available.

A single truck, trailer mounted crane or excavator and crew can connect sections in less than 30 seconds, saving time and manpower.

Symmetrical barrier sections with universal T-connector allows any section to connect to another, in either direction, significantly lowering installation time, operational costs and reducing inventory.

Installing optional wheel sets gives you the operational flexibility to create multiple openings that can be opened and closed by hand in minutes.



Product Specifications

Additional Features
  • Multiple lifting points and grab options for minimised labour and enhanced safety
  • Connection to BG800 barrier
  • Integral post fitting, suitable screens and fencing options
  • Integrated anchor and forklift points
  • Under barrier drainage
  • Multiple crash cushions connections
  • Attachment points for wheelsets & crash cushions.
Weights and Dimensions


Length: 6.00m (19.68ft) 
Height: 0.80m (31.50in)
Width:  0.54m (21.25in)
Weight:  99kg/m 62lb/ft

Testing and Compliance


MASH 16 TL-3 and TL-4 

Product Test level (MASH) Vehicle Class Impact Speed Impact Angle Dynamic Deflection (m/ft)
HighwayGuard MDS TL3-11  2270p 100 kph / 62 mph 25° 0.03/ 0′ 1″
HighwayGuard LDS TL3-11 2270p 100 kph / 62 mph 25° 0.68/ 2′ 3″
TL4-12 10000s 90 kph / 56 mph 15° 0.79 / 2′ 7″
HighwayGuard SDS TL3-11 2270p 100 kph / 62 mph 25° 1.93 / 6′ 4″
TL4-12 10000s 90 kph / 56 mph 15° 2.16 / 7′ 1″