HighwayGuard™ MDS: Officially the lowest deflecting portable barrier system in Australia and New Zealand!

Highway Care Ltd‘s HighwayGuard™ is now officially the lowest deflecting portable barrier in the world after receiving the Technical Conditions of Use (TCU) from ASBAP for both Temporary and Permanent installation of the Minimum Deflection System (MDS).  The TCU approval adds to  the Lower Deflection System (LDS) and Standard Deflection System (SDS) for Australia and New Zealand already in place.

Every inch (25mm) counts in a construction work zone, and HighwayGuard™’s unique design has been developed to maximise space, enabling operatives to work safely whilst minimising disruption to traffic. The MDS is particularly suitable for restricted workspace environments, with only one inch of deflection – that’s about the width of your thumb!

This is a game changer in Australia and New Zealand, with so many practical benefits for construction companies. Seamlessly transitioning between HighwayGuard™ MDS, LDS and SDS barrier within the same run means only one system meets all requirements on site. Not only this, but HighwayGuard™’s versatility can result in fewer barrier runs and movements as the work phases progress.

Highway Care Ltd Care is continuing to deliver on its commitment to innovation in the global highways industry, and heritage of developing innovative solutions for a safer future. The company consistently introduces products around the world that drive safety best practice for road maintenance and improvement teams, as well as saving the lives of drivers and their passengers.

What is HighwayGuard™?

Developing innovative solutions for a safer future is a constantly evolving mission, factoring in changes to testing and safety standards, vehicles, and technology. HighwayGuard™, our ground breaking portable steel barrier system, leverages the experience of our track record in portable steel barriers with the BG800, and combines it with the engineering expertise of our team and our industry-leading market intelligence. The result is a MASH 2016 compliant barrier that offers faster installation and greater versatility than any other system on the market. HighwayGuard™ meets the changing configuration and deflection needs of highways projects with maximum efficiency, improved cost certainty and outstanding levels of safety.

HighwayGuard™ is a MASH 16 TL-3 and TL-4 compliant portable steel barrier system for use in highways projects where the work area needs to be segregated from live traffic lines for the safety of highways operatives and road users.