HighwayGuard™ steers driver and road worker safety in Pennsylvania  

Highway Care’s MASH 16 TL-3 and TL-4 compliant HighwayGuard™ steel barrier system has been given the green light by Pennsylvanian authorities to be used in standard, lower, and minimum deflection configurations to drive road safety in the US’ fifth most populous state.

Pennsylvania is known for its idyllic villages, mountainous landscapes, enchanting forests, and breathtaking lakes, with many of these beauty spots joined by the famous Route 6 highway; 400 miles of open road that is popular for road trips.

HighwayGuard™’s MASH 16 TL-3 and TL-4 certification makes it ideal for Pennsylvania’s scenic roads. The temporary barrier system can resist vehicle impact of up to 10,000kg, limiting the risk of injury and fatality in the event of a collision, and giving road workers effective protection as they maintain or upgrade roads.

Along with robust penetration resistance, the barrier offers a much smaller working width than other barrier systems, with its minimum deflections system of only 1 inch. This means that contractors working on Pennsylvania’s roads can maximise workspaces in the live construction zone, while minimising disruption for drivers on the road.

Keeping Pennsylvania’s nine million drivers and their passengers safe is often a challenge during the winter months. The north eastern state is no stranger to snow, rain, and below freezing conditions, making travelling and road maintenance difficult. The robust components of HighwayGuard™ have been designed and built to withstand adverse conditions, offering industry-leading road safety protection across all roads.

Acceptance in standard, and lower and minimum deflection configurations means that the HighwayGuard™ system is available to improve road safety across the whole of Pennsylvania’s road networks. The latest approval joins a growing list of North America and Australasia acceptances.