The lowest deflecting portable barrier system in the world! 

28th March 2022 

The lowest deflecting portable barrier system in the world! 

HighwayGuardnow adds a Minimum Deflection System (MDS) to the suite of Standard Deflection System (SDS) and Lowest Deflection System (LDS).  

What does this mean for the industry? 

An industry leading minimum deflection option for when the work zone requires the maximum space and demands the smallest barrier deflection. 

Key features: 

  • 0.025m deflection (less than 1”). That’s about the width of your thumb! 
  • Tested & compliant to MASH TL-3 2016
  • Transition between SDS, LDS and MDS easily within the same run – one system, meeting all requirements! 
  • No excavation challenges – excavated right to the barrier without anchor failure. 
  • No edge concern on bridge decks. 
  • Tested & compliant transition to BG800® portable steel barrier. 

“HighwayGuard MDS provides the lowest deflecting temporary barrier in the world.  At less than 1” deflection the space saving for a work zone is massive compared with other MASH TL-3 tested systems, with the working width alone being less than the footprint of most barriers. When every inch counts, HighwayGuard MDS.” – Ben Duncker, Business Development Director  

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